Our Environmental Commitment

B&F is committed to being an environmentally responsible company. Our Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification is only a step we have taken to provide you with paper that has been sourced from well managed and responsible forests. All our warehouse locations are purpose built with the emphasis on natural lighting and water conservation. We go to great lengths to recycle our paper off-cuts, as well as our ream and pallet wrapping. All our pallets are returnable and are used many times.


There are two sides to every story, paper supports the environment in so many ways. Click to visit the Two Sides website and see the story for yourself.

By choosing paper as your media for communication you are taking steps towards supporting your environment. If paper was invented today it would be hailed as environmentally friendly and an affordable means of communication. B&F has taken steps to provide you with choices, and to ensure that you are informed of the environmental credentials of your paper. We have a full range of environmentally sound papers. From FSC certified Lenza Green, a 100% recycled paper that ticks almost every environmental box, from being collected carbon neutral to using absolutely no chlorine at all in its manufacture. Through to our commodity art paper Neo that is certified from a well managed forests and is elemental chlorine free.


FSC is chain of custody (CoC) certification we carry so we can supply to you products certified by this body as made from well managed or responsible forests.
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